Photo! 3D ScreenSaver

Photo! 3D ScreenSaver

Photo 3D! Screensaver shows your photos in 3D art galleries
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Photo 3D! Screensaver is a fantastic application that allows you to show your photos and images in magnificent 3D art galleries as a screensaver. The program comes with an extensive collection of templates with different themes and even allows you to download more directly from within the program. The templates are in 3D and not static, since it allows you to move freely across the entire landscape like if you were actually walking around the place. All the places are art galleries where the walker can see the different paintings or images hanging on the walls, which are actually the photos or images that you selected. The images can be selected from your computer or extracted from Flickr. What is great is that you can even select sound files to be played in the background while the screensaver is running, loop or random the tracks, and adjust the volume the way you want. The video options can also be completely personalized to your computer capabilities including the resolution and rendering quality. Also, you can select the speed and height of the walker and the stop and look frequency.
All in all, Photo 3D! Screensaver is a nice and fully customizable screensaver which will surely attract art lovers.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of templates to choose from
  • You can add pictures from Flickr
  • Fully customizable
  • Original
  • Free


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